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Bankruptcy - Chapter 7


"Having Financial Problems Does Not Make You A Bad Person."

These days Susan sees more people every week that are under a great deal of stress because of financial matters. The pressure is often so great that it effects health, friendships, marriages and other relationships. Times are very different these days with foreclosures, business failures, employment and loss of medical insurance being all too common. Susan would venture to guess that everyone, without exception, knows someone effected by the economy. It might even be YOU!

Speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer is actually a sign of strength. It signifies the first step in taking control back, rather than ignoring a problem and hoping the collection letters and calls will, "just go away." It makes Susan sad when she speaks to, or meets with people who have great credit scores, but no money. Susan refers to this as, "The Tail Wagging The Dog" syndrome. These people who have never missed a credit card payment, even if it meant paying the minimum due, which often does not even pay the interest accruing. The longer the minimum payments are made, the credit scores remain high, but the actual debt increases because interest is being paid on interest.

Susan used to see people who had second jobs to try to stay above water, but now, there are no second jobs. Even keeping one job without a decrease in hours or wage cuts is difficult. People who use their life savings, IRA, or 401K to pay bills or to try to keep a 20 year old business afloat, have merely jumped from the, "Frying Pan into The Fire."

Susan is not only an attorney, but truly a counselor at law, when it comes to helping people battle the guilt, and desperation they feel when they realize that they need help. Seniors deserve to live the rest of their lives without constantly looking over their shoulders for fear a collection agent is chasing them. Likewise, a young person, has many homes, cars, jobs, etc., in their future and needs to prevent a cloud of debt from hanging over them for years due to some unwise youthful decisions.

No one should be walking around with guilt, depression and feeling that debt makes them a, "Bad Person." Call us to discuss whether a bankruptcy or some alternative would be appropriate. And remember, to call, "The Lawyer Who Listens™."  

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